I practice a martial art called Wing Chun Kung Fu. Many years ago, I tried adding Shadowboxing into my routine, but I grew bored with it because I had no idea what to do. Recently I was determined to add it back in, but not without some kind of sound approach to it. The answer came to me when I found Jason’s “Killer Shadowboxing Workout” video on YouTube. He described a 12-round workout where each round had a different theme. Naturally his themes were limited to Western boxing, but I adjusted them and added in my own themes (for example, one round focusing solely on kicks) so it was more in line with what I practice.

 After that, I bought a heavy bag, and the problem of not knowing what to do with it presented itself again. Another trip to Jason’s video library gave me a heavy bag workout with another handful of themes to use.

Since then, I have come back for assistance in other areas. He has a circuit routine workout, which is very useful for someone like me who works 2 jobs, has 4 kids, AND wants to make time to train. There is a video for how to do 1100 punches in a day; this fits my training incredibly well because Wing Chun is composed mostly of upper body attacks, with the straight punch being the backbone of the system. I also liked one of his videos on how to develop better stability and balance. There is also one on how to develop better power in your punch. In fact, one of the moves in his video is something I had already learned in my own training!

Long story short, even if you practice something other than Western boxing, all you have to do is keep an open mind, and this man’s videos can help take your skills to the next level. I know they did with me!

Steve Grogan



Mitja2 Mitja

Jason brings knowledge into practice. He isn’t just great demonstrator but he is realistic with what he says it takes to be a boxer. He puts elements into combinations and combinations into practical drills for practice. I had great succes with transfer of his drills in fight. It is true that everything is about a lot of practice but you have to know what to practice and how to practice and Jason has it for you. His explanations are precise and drills are simple but effective. I have 50 amateur fights and find his stuff very useful. You will definitely learn something new from him.

– Mitja


Hi Jason, been a long time since this email, but hey I finally did it! On Sunday I fought my first fight – I’m in blue.

I did white collar 3x2 min rounds on a big card in front of a good crowd. I lost on points but it was pretty close. My opponent was on his fourth fight and this was my first plus he had a little weight advantage (135lbs vs 139lbs) so to be honest I’m pretty content with the outcome. It was pretty technical with lots of jabs and movement and thankfully I never took my eyes off the guy and all the old problems with sparring were gone.

I got in great shape, felt like I actually boxed and achieved a dream. Just want to say thanks for the big part your videos have played in this process which as it stands is about a year!! Your practicality, detail and honesty in your videos has been a huge help. I trained hard (5 times a week) for three months and I missed a lot of family time. But I’m going to stay a member of the club and will train and spar and boxing will always be there somewhere in my life.

Thanks again – from the lows of getting a beating in sparring to the highs of what the referee said was a quality technical fight, it’s been a blast.

– Chris


I’m professional boxer Rashad Jones. I’ve been watching J.T. Van V. For years now. You can say he’s almost my trainer! His videos have helped me with my style since I became a pro. I often go back to his videos to help utilize my talent as a boxer, and going back to his videos recently has allowed recent success in my career.
– Rashad

IMG_1698 (1)

When I first started boxing I did not know where to start. I was getting advice from friends who didnt know what they were doing. Came across your videos on YouTube and I saw results within a week. I love you beginner and intermediate combination downloads. They help me learn how to put combination nation together. They also help learn on to move inbetween punches. I bought your footwork, getting inside and defense videos. I can see improvements in my sparring everyday. I still have a long way to go but I just wanted to let you know I appreciate what you are doing.

– Darron


My name is Jay Lippa, and I am a certified personal trainer, boxing instructor , and USA Boxing Coach and I would like to say a few words about Jason Van Veldhuysen ! I am always looking for ways to improve my boxing skills and advance my teaching methods. I discovered Jason’s instructional videos on youtube, and became a huge fan instantly ! Jason really knows how to explain and demonstrate the techniques, and gives you the thinking fighter’s state of mind for each punch and each movement ! He breaks down complex and advanced techniques so you can practice with beginners and his pad work videos keep even the most experienced boxers learning new tools ! I personally have learned a lot from his videos and my training has improved, and I have incorporated his methods into teaching my students ! Jason is a master instructor and his methods are good for all levels and everyone will enjoy his drills and really sharpen up their offensive and defensive skills !


10257999_729290747114480_4732462242845699125_o (1)

Last year at the age of 56 I had my first boxing match. I loved it and am hooked on boxing. Looking to improve, I came across Jason’s Youtube channel. I’ve been using Jason’s footwork DVD as a key training resource for the past 8 months. I’m really impressed that the advice is delivered in a way which I’ve been able to put into practice giving me a marked improvement in my mobility around the ring. With 20+ years of traditional Karate training I was quite flat footed when moving and following Jason’s DVD has really allowed me to adjust my footwork for boxing and to start work on learning how to cut the ring off and to change angles. I can’t recommend it enough as a great training resource.

– Matt Aldiss


Hello Jason, you are providing many excellent training boxing tips. I’ve used the bag workouts #1 and #2, then short workout tips when you have no opportunity to have a full training. Also each video provides useful information and helping to improve and get better. Thank you for your great work! My mom’s skills have definitely propelled to the next level. Perfect defense and jab!

– Miroslav Tsibinog

My name is Jonata, i am a 28 years old brazilian (Yeah that far) programmer and computer engineering student. Here is my story with boxing
I always liked boxing, maybe because of my father’s influence.He went as far as to wait untill late hours to watch fights that rarely aired on brazilian open tv. So around december 2013 i decided to start boxing, There were some problems though.

1. I work and study all day long. There was no boxing class near my house late at night

2. I was quite overweight at that time. My height is 1.80 m (5.90ft) and my weight was 108 kg (238 pounds). You know programmers are not the most fit people.

3. I Couldn’t dedicate much of my time, again studying and working too much

So i bought a heavy bag and that is when your work at your youtube channel takes place.

Everything i learned about boxing was through your free videos. From the first jab to combos and breathing.

At the begining i was able to do 3 rounds of heavybag workout 3 times a week. Later i increased the pace to 4 rounds 5 times a week.

Today, one year later, i lost 25 kg (55 pounds) almost achieving my Body Mass Index(BMI). at 83 kg(183 pounds). Now i am able to do 7 rounds of heavybag workout every week day and i am working to reach 10 rounds.

Now the photos

– Jonatan

I first got Jason’s videos over two years ago to train my son at the peek-a-boo style. Jason, who always keeps it real, is an extremely talented coach who breaks technique down to an easy to understand level. The pros at the gym my seven year son recently joined are amazed by the skills imparted to him by Jason’s teaching. In my opinion, Duke Rufus made the best dvds on Muai Thai; Mario Sperry made the best dvds on Vale Tudo, BJJ, and submission wrestling; and JT Van V has made the best dvds on boxing, bar none. You will not be disappointed if you order his products. Besides the high quality of instruction, Jason could not be more responsive to his customers, his students. Thank you, Jason.

– Sincerely, John Murphy

image2 image1

I will attempt to put into a short version of my path in boxing. About 4 years ago I was in poor health with weight, back, and knee issues. I joined LA boxing to attempt to get into better shape. I was about 1 year into working out and had made great strides in my quest to better my health. At that time I was approached by a trainer who also happened to be a UFC fighter and was told he thought he could train me and we could win some fights. I continued to train 2 more years with him and another pro fighter.

Somewhere in this time I found Jason from precisionstriking, and his training videos. I had emailed him about 2 years ago and told him of my passion to fight and win a championship in the master division of Usa boxing. A select group of people like Jason gave me great encouragement. They took time to share their passion of boxing. Thankfully there are people like Jason out there to promote the sport.

To sum this up. I went to the Ringside world amateur boxing championships in August this year in Kansas City Missouri. I went as a heavyweight and stepped up to super heavyweight to fill a need they had in that weight class. I was able to win the fight by a TKO, stopped in the 2nd round. I won the super heavyweight championship title and brought home a very nice belt.I g ive all the credit to my faith in Christ, and a wonderful support group.Thanks again Jason for all the help. Your passion is amazing.

– Henry


Lynette2 Lynette1

A lot of people in boxing can tell you what you’re doing wrong, but, it takes a unique trainer who can actually show you how to do it right. Jason is incredible at breaking down movements into simple pieces so you can really drill and practice with correct technique, which is absolutely vital for a person who intends to compete in boxing. With his years of experience fighting and training others, he has good advice on every aspect of the sport. When I started boxing, I couldn’t even run a mile without wanting to cry. I’ve followed Jason’s tips for conditioning, sparring, bag work, and drilling, and within a year I had my first fight. I’ve never been stronger, healthier, or more confident.

– Lynette

Brieuc1 Brieuc2

I started boxing 2 years ago. At the beginning, I was looking to get the proper technique, I looked for getting the right stance and steps, how to move and look like a real boxer. When you like the sport, you want to do everything right.

So I went onto Youtube to look for video tutorials, early in my search I found the TripleVVV3 channel (the previous name of JT’s channel), I was stunned by the content of the videos, a lot of aspects of boxing was treated. At that time, I understood boxing was a complicated sport with a lot of stuff to work on.

Since I was motivated, I decided to buy some of JT videos, footwork, head movement and getting inside and the defense and counterpunching video. Each of them covers differents aspects of the game and are a great source of information. Finally, I was able to know what was right and what moves a boxer wouldn’t do : can I slip on the inside, do I have to move my torso when blocking a punch or only my arms, do I have to bend my knees when I’m slipping shots ? Those were few questions running through my head before watching the tutorials.

Obviously, boxing is hard and if you take it serioulsy, you have to go to a gym but I was glad to know those basics before going in the gym for the first time. The videos coming regularly on Youtube are also very welcomed and it’s nice to try those techniques at the gym.

Keep up the good work JT

– Brieuc

Won my 1st fight by knockout in the 2nd round. I had a fierce pressure fighter, but my footwork saved me! I purchased your footwork video and Beginners Guide book, and it made all the difference! It was a huge part of my success in the ring! Thank you, JT Van!!!

– DD Fauatea


I just want to send a thank you for helping me prepare for the Ringside Masters Championships this past weekend.
When I started training in July 2015 I was just trying to change up my fitness routine from just weights and popular cardio exercises that I have been doing for years. I discovered your YouTube videos about the same time as I discovered that there is an actual Masters Division within USA Boxing. Your YouTube videos were a great confidence builder as I learned and practiced the proper techniques you teach. I purchased your great eBook “Beginner Boxing-a roadmap to your first fight” which continues to be valuable resource that i frequently refer to.

I also purchased your work rate video which was really helped me to up the intensity of my workout. Adding to the value of the work rate video, was your thorough answer to my email question about work rate which really helped. All this inspired me to pursue a coach in January. I found one here in Baton Rouge, LA and we have developed a great working relationship and friendship. I originally planned on participating in the Ringside International Championships in July. Between the foundation that I was able to develop from your instruction and the hands on work with my coach I started to progress faster than we expected. I decided to enter the Ringside Masters Championships in Lenexa, KS this past weekend.

This is a very popular tournament for masters and I was very excited to be involved. Well to make an already long message short, I lost in the final to an 8-0 boxer from the state of Washington by a close decision. In the process I gained invaluable experience and the respect of many of the other masters. I am looking forward to a long masters career as I have been bitten by the boxing bug. Thanks again Jason, I really believe that I would not have done as well as I did without your help.

– Glenn Barras


I’m 32 from Brisbane, Australia. I first stepped foot in a boxing gym about 18 months ago and I just had my first fight last week. I’m sure you get this kind of message a lot, but I just want to personally thank you (as personal as an internet message can be) for all the content you produce on your youtube channel. Your technical videos are obviously great, but I really appreciate the videos you produce which give a bit more insight into your philosophy, as well as general boxing and training philosophy.

I found as an “older” guy, many of your videos really reinforced my own ideas about training and boxing and they certainly encouraged me to keep going. To name a few, your videos and comments such as “Am I too old to box?”, “my coach doesn’t pay me any attention”, how “boring/repetitive” and lonely boxing training can seem, personal sacrifice, and many others which I can’t think of off the top of my head really resonated with me.

Starting at this age, I didn’t have any illusions of being a world champion, but I just want to improve for myself. You made this seem like a reasonable goal. So once again, thank you. I’m indebted to you. If you ever happen to find yourself in Brisbane, feel free to look me up. I’ll show you around or we can have a hit. 😉

Blue trunks is me. Lots of room for improvement, but happy to be in the ring. The other rounds are on my channel too.

– Tim

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