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Attacking the Body in Boxing

In this video I cover everything I know about attacking the body and landing more body shots in boxing.  Here is a clip from the first 19 mins of the video to get an idea of what is covered.  To purchase this video click HERE....

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Common Boxing Questions – Q&A

What's the best way to improve my boxing? The two biggest factors in the beginning are technique and volume (aka how much you practice).  It's essential to learn proper technique and to keep refining it, as well as to learn a complete set of techniques.  Especially...

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Moving to the Right w/ Boxing Offense

This has been one of my most loved and hated videos in the past few years.  You don't have to move to the right and throw offense, but it helps to have to that option, especially if you can use it to throw off your opponent.  Work through the drills in this video and...

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10 Round Heavy Bag Boxing Workout

In this video below I go over my favourite approach to working the heavy bag. In these 10 rounds you build up steadily as the workout goes on, you work on a variety of skills, and you get in an excellent workout. 0:01 - Round 1- working on the jab 3:07 Round 2 -...

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Speed and Power Audio Combo Set

One of the biggest problems beginner boxers face is that they aren't prepared for the intensity and demands of sparring. I went through this myself, and had a hard time being strong past the 3rd or 4th round in sparring where my sparring partner was really pushing me....

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Sparring Advice – Part 2

Some more technical stuff. Next thing: in your sparring, this is just a good habit to get into overall and I’ve mentioned this on my blog as well, don’t let a punch ever be the last thing that you do. What I mean by that is don’t go one, two, three and then you’re...

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Beginner Boxing and How to Connect the Dots

About a year ago I received a message from a guy in his late 40's who had been training in the sport of boxing for 10 years, and in this message he emphasized that he still didn't fully understand what to do with all the boxing knowledge and techniques when he got in...

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