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Virtual Sparring Partner

Experience having your very own virtual sparring partner who is ready to throwdown and workout with you at any time.

Choose your level of skill and the length of the combos your partner will throw, and get ready to spar!

Choose Training mode to get you thinking about how you will block and counter, or move up to the Amateur level and have your first virtual sparring session.

Once you get a handle on the hand speed and combinations then step up to the Pro and Titleist levels for a an intense sparring session. You will block, slip, or duck the punches and counter back with your own combinations.

Your sparring partner is active and meant to keep you busy, so throw your counter combinations in that short window of time after he is done punching.

If you are fast enough you can work on slipping and throwing your own punches simultaneously.

Adjust the length of the rounds and rest period to simulate a full virtual sparring workout, just like being in the gym.

This app gives visual relevance to your shadowboxing, it helps you work through counterpunching and build reaction, and it will give you one killer workout!

available on the App Store Android app on Google Play

Virtual Sparring Partner App Demo


Precision Boxing Coach

It’s finally here for iTunes, Android and Windows! An app that simulates a boxing coach and calls out realistic, fast paced combinations. You know I keep things as legit as possible, so in this app I’ve included everything a fighter needs to integrate into his game i.e. all punches, slips, ducks, defense, and body shots.  The Supreme version has a southpaw mode, a counterpunching mode, and it counts your total punch output at the end of the workout.

The boxing coach simulator calls out boxing techniques for you to execute, there are 4 modes and 3 intensity levels. The mode determines the minimum and maximum number of techniques in the combination. Amateur is 2-4 techniques, Pro level is 2-6, Titleist level is 3-7, and P4P is 4-8 techniques. The intensity will speed up or slow down the pace that combos are called out, with ‘Classic’ being a standard pace and ‘Pressure’ and ‘Hurricane’ being faster. In the app I also have an explanation video detailing the ins and outs of the app and how to use it.

The beauty of this app is that the combination sequences build upon themselves making it easier to work through a combination. For example the app will start: “1-2”, then instead of a fresh sequence it will add another technique to the sequence, let’s say “1-2-slip right”, then it will add another technique, let’s say “1-2-slip right-2”. After the sequence is complete it will repeat it once more. For those of you who have used my audio mp3 combinations series you’ll see that this follows the exact combo building method I employ.

Choose as many rounds as you like, adjust the round length, adjust the rest between rounds, and set a warning bell to tell you how many seconds are left in the round. Press ‘Next’ and get to work!

Go download the app, and again, I would really appreciate it if you rated it. If you have any ideas on how to make it better then please tell me! If you like the app then purchase the full version. The Lite version includes Amateur mode with all intensity levels; the Pro version includes all modes.

**For anyone with an app idea who is looking for a reliable developer at a good price, I can’t say enough about how great it’s been to work with my developer Dimon Vovk. Here is a link to his portfolio –

If you would like to contact Dimon about your app idea his email address is**

available on the App Store Android app on Google Play Windows Phone


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