This is the link to the video of just the animations for one of my interactive shadowboxing videos.  Put the video on your phone/PC or link it to your TV and throw the combos as you see them.  Set up your own music to workout to and have fun.

Video Download:
Here is the full video to show you what’s going on:

Boxing Footwork Workout mp3.

Make sure to watch this explanation video:


Youtube Home Boxing Workout #1 – Combo Punching Set



Here are the audio files:

Very basic beginner combos – Download here: 4 Rounds

More complex intermediate combos – Download here: 4 Rounds

Read the blog post here:

Defense Audio Combination Series *FREE*



These are a couple beats from my videos that have a snare drum or snap emphasis where you can throw punches.  Listen to these and make up your own combos that time with the beat. Here is a video example below, but feel free to download these tracks and just listen and throw any combo you like.


MP3 Beats:

Beat #1

Beat #2



41 thoughts on “Free Downloads”

  1. Author’s gravatar

    hey jason,this is really outstanding blog..your set of combination punching with audio is awesome,i have been using it for a week now and it is working for me,it have improved my shadow boxing and bag workout…thnx alot once again

    1. Author’s gravatar

      much appreciated! Way to work!

  2. Author’s gravatar

    i just did the beginner timer, man that was HARD!!! thx a ton im gonna do this every night

  3. Author’s gravatar

    Dude this is MONEY!! Loved it bro, and love your vids even more! I do the beginner everyday to warm up for weights and/or bag work. Can’t wait for the next series, im buying it.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Wicked bro, I appreciate that! It’s all done I just gotta get it up on my site when my web guy gets back in town!

  4. Author’s gravatar

    great videos mate. i have subscribed to you on youtube. you are fast on your feet as you are with your punches! keep up the great.. cheers from australia!

  5. Author’s gravatar

    I like these tips,the combination series also.The price for intermediate stuff is reasonable.Very good training page.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Awesome, glad you like it.

  6. Author’s gravatar


    outstanding youtube videos, your boxing teaching are slightly different then back home Ex-Soviet Union, I am ex-boxing drop out, i have done kick boxing, boxing but when I came to US, never had chance go back to training, started smoking, usual things, chasing american Dream, make money 🙂 but now i am more comfortable, quit smoking 2 years, started eating right, from 187 LBS dropped to 150 LBS, i have been in gym over a year now, but got back to boxing less than 2-3 weeks, I hope you make more videos maybe in the future open up your online boxing university like gracie family, keep doing good job, with love from Russia.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Hi Kahn, your story is very interesting, I’m glad that someone of your background is getting something out of my blog, I bet the training in Russia was very intense. Thanks for the feedback and please leave a comment anytime. I like that idea of a boxing university, I never thought of that before. Thank you!

  7. Author’s gravatar

    he bro no problem, i will send you email, please check and let me know, great work, yes it was intense, mostly we used it in the street fights, never had a quite life back home, loved it and still love it but getting used to my new home now US 🙂 your knowledge is extremely useful.

  8. Author’s gravatar

    Great stuff man, I’m always finding something new that I tweek in my own style just from your beginner combination file I’m alittle curious as to how to use the benchmark timer. Kind of confused behind the concept. Just 1,2,3,4 depending on the number of bells? Might be a dumb question but i want to make sure im using every tool i have available correctly. Thanks

    1. Author’s gravatar

      thanks again. The way you use that tool is that everytime the bell goes you throw a combo. The combo can be any number of punches that you want 4 5 6 7 or 8 punches. the goal behind the bells in the round is to signal that its time to punch, this will force you to stay busy so you don’t slack and do an easy round. To start, everytime the bell goes throw four punches, after that round is over see how you feel. If it was easy then next round throw 6 punches everytime you hear the bell, then progress from there.

  9. Author’s gravatar

    i cant seem to be able to download your combination punching set it doesn’t work thing itunes, and its not completely clear if you just mean that we should go to your site and play it or download it,maybe its cause i have a mac.
    anyway thanks a lot
    roan from the yukon

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Hey bro, thanks for your email. Yea, something is up with people who have a Mac. I’m going to find out what it is, but it’s been giving me trouble. Do you have an iPad or an other PC/laptop to try it on?


  10. Author’s gravatar

    Hey Jason,

    Just wanted to say that your videos are one of the best out there. I bought both your videos and I must say your boxing skills are so crisp and tight, and your instructions are clear, informative, and inspiring. Being a short fighter (around 5.6″) your style fits me perfectly.

    So thank you so much. I’m glad that I found your videos on YouTube. Keep up the good work bro!


    1. Author’s gravatar

      Hey Monir, thanks for your comment and you support, if you ever have any questions about training feel free to send them my way. I’m 5’6 and a half lol, so I know what its like, we need all the advantages we can get. Stay in touch.

  11. Author’s gravatar

    Thanks a lot – Cant wait for the advanced – Brought the intermediate to the gym last night – Did it x3 and really enjoyed it. Found myself adding shots and mixing it up but was fluent so all was good…. Thanks again.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Hey Stephen,
      I really like hearing that kind of news. Wicked that you can add to it and make changes to keep things interesting. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t something that you would just use for a week and then toss aside. props bro, keep me in the loop on your training.

  12. Author’s gravatar

    Hi Jason,

    I started watching your videos on youtube a few days ago,and i love your power and speed etc.Iam boxing now for 3 weeks and i do a good job at punching(I did kickboxing a couple years ago).And with your videos i learn even when im sitting on my ass haha.Many thanks for your videos that you want to share with the world.Great job Jason,keep up the good work!
    Greetings from Holland.

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Hey Jeremy, thx for watching and thx for the comments. Stay in touch and let me know how your training is going, I will definitely keep up the videos.

  13. Author’s gravatar

    Hey Jason,

    I have a website where I write up exercise routines to get in shape. I recently wrote one up on boxing and how great it is to get in shape. However, I say nothing about the mechanics of boxing like how to jab, move, etc. I wanted to add some of your promo videos to my site, using your embed link with no changes, to show people what their end result could be. Give my stuff some pop and drive the more serious users to your website who may buy your real goods!

    What do you think?

    I see the embed link visible, but I wanted to double check so you don’t sue me later 🙂

    1. Author’s gravatar

      I responded back to your email, did you not get my response? It’s cool by me.

  14. Author’s gravatar

    This has saved me a whole bunch of time! I’m just adding a cool backing track to complement. Thanks bro

  15. Author’s gravatar

    Great videos, keep up the work! If you are using a Mac computer. Press ‘control’ and the ‘left mouse button’ at the same time, then click ‘download linked file as’, and then press ‘save’. Is it possible make a video of all of your youtube clips or make an app so you can view your youtube videos in the gym while you are boxing? Just an idea. Thanks again

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Hey Jayden, thanks so much for that trick to download from a Mac, you are awesome!!

      I tried doing something like that before but after I made it nobody really wanted it lol, I guess it’s just something that a few people are really interested in, i appreciate your feedback.

  16. Author’s gravatar

    dude, about a year ago I bought your footwork video but just today I downloaded the punching combination audio mp3 and I just wanted to say that it kicks ass.
    that is a very sick and legit tool man.

    thanks a bunch, I wish you all the best

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thanks a lot Jamie, I appreciate the support!

    2. Author’s gravatar

      Thanks a lot Jimmy, I appreciate the support!

  17. Author’s gravatar

    hey man, appreciate all the work that you do. Just wondering if the app will be available for iphones?

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thanks a lot for your support. Yes, it will but it won’t be ready until about 3-4 months from now. I’ll keep you posted

  18. Author’s gravatar

    i want to say u r great

  19. Author’s gravatar

    i can understand combination no 7 which is that punch i mean that is right overhead hook

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Overhand right is number 8

  20. Author’s gravatar

    I just want to appreciate a lot for your outstanding and fruitful videos. I’ve been inspired by your tips and drills for they have given me insight into boxing techniques and also I have just recently figured out what boxing really is after watching your videos on YouTube

  21. Author’s gravatar

    You rock man thanks for sharing. I’m currently learning some shadow boxing and working the heavy bag as therapy, but hope in a couple years to train as a personal trainer and help those who struggle too. Thanks for being willing to share as well as putting up great videos too.

  22. Author’s gravatar

    I’m a 38 year old mom and I have been interested in boxing for some time now. I used to think I was too old to start, but here I am! A friend of mine recommended your website and it has been incredibly helpful! I’m loving boxing and learning so much. Thank you!!

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Very cool! That’s the kind of stuff I love to hear

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