From nutritional planning and educational videos to his revolutionary boxing app Precision Boxing Coach Pro, Jason Van Veldhuysen has earned a well-deserved reputation as the 21st Century’s premier “Boxing 2.0” coach. Through digital downloads and novel distance learning tools, Van Veldhuysen offers his clients comprehensive instruction and analysis in everything from the science of nutrition and training to the psychology of winning at combat sports.

After a successful career that encompassed competitive amateur boxing and the martial arts, Van Veldhuysen now leverages the power of social media and technology to share his unique, results-driven training style with more athletes than ever before. Widely considered to be among the shrewdest coaches in combat sports, Van Veldhuysen pairs old-school fundamentals with cutting-edge fitness innovations that motivate fighters of any discipline to build their striking skills and reach their goals. Whether they come from traditional or Thai boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts, Van Veldhuysen’s clients benefit from his encyclopedic knowledge of fighting tactics and techniques — as well as gain an in-depth understanding of the physiological and psychological factors every full-contact athlete must control to see improvement.

Toronto, ON

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    Nice to meet you Daniel, the club that turns out the best boxer’s on average is Atlas Boxing, here is the link –
    You’ll get some good competition there. As far as good coaches are concerned, a lot of them are either good or shit depending on how much they care about you. Atlas is a respectable gym.

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    Good site Jason. Useful info. Keep up the good work.

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    Great DVD. I’ve just started boxing and this was exactly what I was looking for; thanks!

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    Hi Jason, Love the skipping clip. What do you recommend for a rope? I’ve got one of the Nike speed ropes but i find the handles too bid and chunky. Also have you got any tips on the length of the rope?

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    man your blog is just the greatest. i have to check it daily. best one!
    what about having more articles eheh!! 😀
    keep it up, cheers from italy!

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      thanks bud, I’ll make sure to keep the content coming!

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    Perfect! I love your site and style man. Great technique, drills, and theory. Keep the tips coming!

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    Bought the video. Thanks a lot really helped. The information was well presented. From kick boxing background and looking to improve my mobility and combos’s. Wonder if you were thinking about doing a video which focused on the detail of how to combine footwork and combos effectively to get that mobility, fluidity and crispness that seems to be a trade mark of boxers. I have notice there is stuff out there that does one or the other but nothing that looks at the breaking down the detail of combing the two then and looking at the options. The ones I have seen just give you 101 moves
    An example is your comment about not having a lazy heel when doing then quarter turn. Didn’t realise how lazy and in consistent mine was. Paying more attention to this has made the turns crisper. I now land in stance in balance more consistently and therefore am able to throw combos more effectively (still work in progress). Now I can’t help the feeling there are more gems like this that can help my combs and footwork become more integrated.
    Keep up hte good work

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      Hey Kevin, glad to hear that you are a fighter and the video has helped you. You are right, there are a few key steps to link footwork and combos, it’s only a couple things but you have to have them down pact or else you’ll be stuck after you throw your first set of punches. I’m going to make a free youtube video explaining this and i’ll post it here, I should have it done by next week.

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    hello my name is roy and first of all i want to say sorry for my english.

    i like verry much what you are doing. godd job.

    i would like to master at the peek a boo style .

    do you have anny sugestion?

    thanks a lot.


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      Yes, i have a suggestion and I’m serious when i say this, try to get your hands on every Mike Tyson fight and study what he does. Also on Youtube find clips of Tyson training and copy what he is doing in the gym. If you work at it you should have the style down pretty solid.

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    Hey jason,i was wondering if you can post a video
    On how to fight a southpaw fighter.Ive been having some problems
    With them right hooks. It will be great if you can help me with that.

    Thank you Wilson.

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      I’ll see what I can do for this one, thanks for the request.

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    interested in working with u.

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    hey jason, great technical videos…ive been in mma, mostly grappling for the last 10 years and have recently got back into submission grappling tournaments again. Ive gotten boxing instruction from mostly mma coaches/fighters and my techniques need alot of work. im have trouble rolling my shoulders, getting them to “pop” if that makes sense. been asking everyone i know in mma/boxing and cant seem to get exact technique…can you please give any pointers you might have or direct me to a video. THX! Bobby

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      Hey Bobby,

      Thanks for your msg, its cool that guys with your level of experience can come to me with questions, its a true compliment.

      I know the exact ‘pop’ you are talking about, this pop gives you more snap and power especially on hooks and uppercuts. Any boxer who has put in their time will have this pop. It’s not so much a technique as it is something you get once you’ve thrown enough punches, it’s an acquired skill. The best way to accelerate the process and get this pop is to work the ‘shoe shine’ drill.

      Check out this video at 1:30 and onwards –

      But instead of ripping out the combo and throwing a hook and stopping, you will work uppercuts non-stop for one round. Every workout for 3-5 minutes non-stop you just stand there and roll your hands with uppercuts. You don’t have to go as fast as this guy, as long as you can go for the duration of one round. As you get better start to move your hands faster. Don’t be concerned about turning your body or bringing your hands back to your chin, forget that in this drill, just let your arms and hands work by continuous uppercuts. Do this drill on top of your normal striking workouts, its not a substitute.

      It may take you a few weeks or maybe a couple months before you start popping the shoulders, but this is the way to do it. Once you’ve thrown enough punches it will come automatically and your hands will be much faster. Keep in touch.


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        Hi Jason,

        Is the shoeshine drill above doable on a bag or shadowboxing ? Or a partner with mitts is a must?


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          You can absolutely do the shoeshine drill in shadowboxing and on the bag, you can even pull it off in sparring if you are fast enough, just keep it to around 6 punches

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    Hi Jason, first I want to pay you a big compliment on your work. Your videos are inspiring. I really appreciate them! Unfortunately I am missing a particular video on footwork and how to combine footwork with punching. You showed in the video how to practice it step by step by running lanes. I hope you guess which video I mean? I would be happy if you could put it back on your channel.


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      Thanks for the feedback! If you subscribe to my blog here (not my youtube channel) then you can download that video for free. Its the blue we form on the top/mid right

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    Nothing but respect and good wishes for your future success .A vast expanse of knowledge along with an actual fighters background makes your work outstanding . The altruistic nature of a fighter to help his fellow man become better makes you shine. Your work is much valued and appreciated

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      Thanks for your support Rick!

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    I thought it was kinda funny that my email is…I train very hard and have been working with a new group of guys that have had me doing some of your drills.They metioned the other day to check out a guy on youtube triple vvv.I didnt know who you were and hadnt had time to study lately.I just happen to be looking for a way to increase my speed.I found one of your vids and realized this is the guy.then seen that we had pretty much the same email address.Good videos by the way.If you have a facebook check me out.I recently sparred with Antonio Tarvers son and he made me realize I need to increase my speed.He is a friend on my FB as well.Who knows maybe a fate thing.

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      That’s wicked bro, and i appreciate the feedback from guys like you going strong in the game. You can find me on FB at “J.T. Van V”…it might be easier than if I look for your since i’m not sure what you look like.
      Congrats on your sparring, keep in touch with your training.


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    Hello, my name is Sergey, I live in Russia
    and, above all, I want to say sorry for my English.

    I really like what you’re doing. Your videos inspire
    and help to master this difficult art of boxing.

    I crawl your app for Android – Precision Boxing Coach.

    Please explain your numbering system blows.

    jab – 1, straight right – 2. and so on.

    or a link to the source in which it is specified.


    Thank you

    1. Author’s gravatar

      Thanks Sergey, Thanks for your support and positive feedback. In the app I have a video that explains everything, and I will also add a reference list soon. But for now here is everything.

      2=straight right
      3=left hook
      4=right hook
      5=left uppercut
      6=right uppercut
      7=shovel Hook
      8=overhand right

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    Thanks for the reply, Jason. Now it is clear.

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    Hello, do you participate in any projects in addition to JT Van V and NateBowerFitness. I watch your video as a teaching material.

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    Hello! Tell me, I did not find the video on your page, work with pneumatic or high-speed blower. Or am I not seen as not all still looked. From your point of view, the work on this shell is not important for the preparation of a boxer? Sincerely, Sergey.

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      Hey Sergey, I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to, I will try to help but I need more understanding.

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    I aksed my daughter to translate my question, she is sharp in English.

    Hello! When I was watching your video I didn’t find that you use a punching ball (something like that thing, please see the link below)

    Maybe, I missed it since I haven’t watched all the videos yet. Do you think training with such a thing is useful in preparation of a boxer or is it unnecessary?


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    Hello! I have a question regarding the technique for training with a heavy bag. My ex-coach told me that when one is punching a heavy bag this bag should not move a lot/swing from one side to another. Thus, this bag should “absord” the punch. But when I was watching your videos and videos of some famous boxers I saw that this heavy bag in fact is swinging a lot. Is it a big difference if you make it swing or not? Does it really matter and should I try to make it swing or not swing?


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      It can swing and sometimes it will, but it depends sometimes it will swing because of the timing of your punches, or if you throw a few punches in a row on the same side. You just want to make sure the bag is not swinging because you pushed it. Avoid pushing the bag.

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    Good morning,

    thank you very much for answering all my questions, this helps me a lot while progressing in my boxing training.

    I have one more question for today)

    As I’m not a native speaker of English, I came across of one purely language problem. In your videos you use sometimes “drill” and sometimes “exercise”. Is there a big difference in the meaning or should I treat them as synonyms?


    1. Author’s gravatar

      thanks Sergey, no I essentially mean the same thing. they are synonyms in my case.

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